Funding subject 10: Integrated concepts and measures for protection and management of groundwater and surface waters management

Substance inputs from point sources, as well as diffuse inputs, degrade the quality of surface waters and groundwater bodies. Changes in the hydromorphology of water bodies have led to structural impoverishment and resulting in a loss of typical aquatic habitats, biodiversity and ecosystem services. To protect surface waters and groundwater bodies, integrated considerations of the catchment areas of selected waters are essential as a system-oriented approach. Material flow models, decision support systems, and concrete measures to reduce anthropogenic influences and to optimize water bodies structurally in urban and rural areas can contribute to a solution. Interdisciplinary basic-, advanced- and further training concepts serve to optimize the provision and transmission of information as well as the development of specialized skills.

Project aims are the improvement of water quality and ecological water status.

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In particular, the following measures are eligible:

  • Integrated approaches for river basins or sub-basins to improve the water quality and to maintain ecosystem services through decision-making tool systems,  further development of material flow models, and the integration of innovative, adapted technologies for waste water treatment and interdisciplinary information and consultation

  • Development of exemplary measures that ecologically enhance bodies of water and floodplains

  • Development and exemplary implementation of practical, integrated concepts that relieve the burden on water systems through water reuse and reuse of potential energy and materials in residential areas

  • Development and exemplary implementation of measures and concepts of dynamic flood protection

  • Development and testing of exemplary measures for the education, qualification and involvement of relevant stakeholders

  • Projects with a special focus on children and young people that address the main aspects of integrated water conservation in an innovative and exemplary manner in relevant areas of education


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