Ieva Kiminaite

The primary aim of the project is to convert plastic wastes into solid char and hydrogen gas through thermochemical processing by applying specific pretreatment of plastic to obtain higher yields of carbon through carbonization.

Plastic waste has become a pressing global concern due to its detrimental environmental and ecosystem impact. This project aims to address this issue by investigating the transformation of plastic waste into valuable carbonaceous materials using a two-step process involving devolatilization and carbonisation. This first step involves subjecting the plastic waste to elevated temperatures in an oxygen-free environment, leading to the decomposition of plastic material into volatile organic compounds which are subsequently treated with plasma to break them into solid carbon and hydrogen gas. This scientific project will seek to highlight the importance of innovative waste-to-resource strategies and demonstrate the viability of using pyrolysis-based techniques for mitigating plastic waste-related challenges while simultaneously creating valuable chemical products for diverse applications.



07.02.2024 - 06.08.2024


Technische UniversitĂ€t MĂŒnchen (TUM) Lehrstuhl fĂŒr Energiesysteme


Sebastian Bastek