Volodymyr Nakonechnyi

Fumigation in context of environmental protection: genesis, impacts and perspectives

Deepening of a global food crisis, as a result of Russian Federation militaristic policy at the international arena, intensely sharps issues of pest control on grain products. Events of 2022-2023 years clearly indicated that additional attention to pest control theme should be paid for several reasons, namely: violation of “classic” trade routes in Black Sea region (due to blocking some parts of aquatory), necessity to store grains into the bins and warehouses for more longer period than usual in Ukraine, and changing structure of transport units using (vessels, rail wagons, trucks and containers) for carrying of grain cargoes, etc. Despite of clear regional binding, author trying to find out if mentioned and similar issues can have global impact due to harm of spreading non-native pests to the other countries, increasing of pests resistance to fumigants and necessity of looking for new pesticides solutions in nearest future.

The author paid especial attention to the brief review of historical prerequisites of pest control means invention and periodization of their evolution, analysis of international legal regulations for fumigants handling (including Ukrainian and German legislations review in point of fumigants circulation), disclosing features of modern fumigation performing (mostly in Ukraine) with highlighting of most sharp points which can have potential hazards at present, as well as in the near future.



01.05.2023 - 31.01.2024


UniversitÀt Hohenheim
Institut fĂŒr Agrarpolitik u. landwirtschaftliche MĂ€rkte
Fachgebiet „Agrar- und ErnĂ€hrungspolitik“ (420a)


Prof. Dr. Christine Wieck