Supporting a Sustainable Future for People and Nature in the Osogovo Mountain

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Projektträger: EuroNatur Stiftung
Westendstr. 3
78315 Radolfzell am Bodensee
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Osogovo Mountain is located at the border between FYR Macedonia and Bulgaria, in the heart of the Balkan Green Belt. Forests cover about 60% of Osogovo Mountain. Most parts of the forest are still well preserved and also old–growth forests are still present. The outstanding importance of the biodiversity of Osogovo is represented by several endemic, relict and rare plant species.
Goal of the project is the conservation of the biological diversity in joint efforts with the local population. An important instrument is the implementation of environmental friendly uses of natural resources and biodiversity. The main objectives of the project are to support sustainable forest management, to improve knowledge about large carnivores as a foundation for decision-making processes as well as to analyse and demonstrate the potential of Osogovo for nature-based tourism.

Förderzeitraum: 16.10.2015 - 30.06.2018 (2 Jahre und 8 Monate)
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Förderbereich: II.6.4
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