Water is the basis of life and an irreplaceable resource for nature and people. But our water resources are under increasing pressure. The causes lie, on the one hand, in the climate crisis. A lack of precipitation and water shortage on the one hand, and extreme weather conditions and flooding on the other, have a negative impact on the water balance. Furthermore, the quality of water bodies is considerably impaired by inputs of problematic substances such as nitrogen and phosphorus, trace substances or microplastics.

Massive efforts are therefore needed to protect and sustainably use water and water bodies. With a view to climate change, a rethink is required. There is a need to keep more water in the landscape and give more space to flowing water. As part of funding topic 9, the DBU supports in particular integrated solution approaches and concepts for improving water quality and the ecological status of water bodies. In addition, the DBU supports projects for resource-conserving water use and the corresponding reconstruction of infrastructure in neighborhood development. Innovative approaches to reducing emissions of nitrogen compounds into the environment are also eligible.