Explore the national natural heritage with the Naturerbe-App for your smartphone

Exciting audio tours provide information about the biodiversity, unique habitats and historical features of the natural heritage areas

The map shows the given paths of the DBU Natural Heritage Area Prora as well as the points of interest. Behind each icon are hidden audio files, animations and photos on the topic of nature conservation.

Why is deadwood so important for our ecosystem? How can water buffalo contribute to biodiversity and what does military history have to do with conservation? The natural heritage app answers all these questions in exciting audio tours through the areas of the national natural heritage.

A map provides an overview of many National Natural Heritage areas. Most of these are former military properties, which have a particularly high biodiversity due to their history. Many rare and worth protecting animal and plant species find their habitat there. In order to permanently secure these areas of high nature conservation value with large areas of forest, open land and wetlands for nature conservation, BUND transfers them to the federal states, nature conservation associations and the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Foundation for the Environment), which manage and develop them according to demanding nature conservation specifications.

Audio files and animations explain how the water buffalo makes an important contribution to the conservation of biodiversity as a landscape manager.

With the natural heritage app you can experience the unique landscape and diversity of the natural heritage. In selected areas where there is no danger from military use, we will guide you through nature on designated trails and explain at selected stations, the points of interest (POIs), how a bog is formed, why bats feel so comfortable in former bunker facilities and how the carnivorous sundew got its name.

Your discovery tour can start in just a few steps: Pack your hiking boots, download the guided tours of your choice to your smartphone and nothing stands in the way of your nature experience. So far, tours of the DBU natural heritage site Prora on Rügen, just a few kilometers from Binz, as well as the exhibition and tree-top trail of the RÜGEN Natural Heritage Center in the middle of the site await you. Routes are also offered through the Wahner Heide and Königsforst in North Rhine-Westphalia and in the Cuxhaven coastal heaths near the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony. You will see them by starting an update of the app (to do this, click on the two circular arrows at the top of the menu bar). Routes of the Heinz Sielmann Foundation are also available for the Green Belt.

The Natural Heritage App is a cooperative project of the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein, Naturstiftung David, NRW Foundation, Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation, NABU Foundation Hessisches Naturerbe and DBU Naturerbe GmbH.

To download the Natural Heritage app, click here. To do so, call up the following link via your smartphone or tablet PC:

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We hope you enjoy your hike through nature!