Cultural assets

Anthropogenic influences on the environment damage not only nature, but also nationally valuable cultural assets. The extent and nature of their injury has changed in recent years. These include changes in anthropogenic emissions as well as the effects of climate change and the handling of chemicals formerly brought in for protection. In the sense of sustainable cultural property protection, new strategies, methods, procedures or products must be developed, applied as models and communicated.

The DBU is making an important contribution to this with its funding theme of preserving and protecting nationally valuable cultural assets from harmful environmental influences. It promotes innovative approaches to the preservation of monuments and museum collections or the protection of historic parks and gardens, which are translated into practical conservation concepts. Project funding addresses a wide variety of damage potentials in this area, aims to exploit the opportunities offered by new digital technologies, and provides important impetus for the advancement of conservation and restoration science in Germany. An important component of this funding theme is the awareness that the preservation of cultural assets is a significant task and obligation to future generations. In order to convey the value of cultural monuments to schoolchildren as well and to teach them methods of preserving cultural heritage, the DBU also supports projects in the field of education for sustainable development and cultural heritage protection.