Working together for nature conservation

Federal Forest

The employees of the Bundesforst , a department of the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA) experienced in nature conservation practice, have been carrying out the new tasks on site since April 2009 on behalf of the DBU Naturerbe GmbH’s natural heritage subsidiary. The basis for this local management of DBU natural heritage sites are the specific nature conservation goals that have been defined in the form of guiding principles.

The activities of the district managers include land management and the implementation of conservation measures, such as forest conversion, open land maintenance, wetland protection and wildlife regulation, as well as traffic control and, in the future, ranger services. Implementation always takes place in close coordination with the DBU subsidiary. The district managers are also the first point of contact on site.

Advisory boards

Particularly in the case of DBU natural heritage sites with a wide range of interests, the DBU subsidiary will initiate a two-way dialogue with local people to explain its commitment, solicit acceptance and support for its nature conservation goals, and demonstrate participation processes.

To this end, local advisory councils are being established to serve as a link between regional stakeholders and the DBU subsidiary, which is based in Osnabrück. On the one hand, the advisory board is intended to ensure a good information situation among those involved, and on the other hand, the DBU subsidiary would like to take up suggestions from the region.

Regina Bauer Foundation

Protection and conservation of endangered wildlife species ─ Species protection and open land management on the DBU natural heritage sites Tennenlohe and Hainberg with the support of the Regina Bauer Foundation


Extension of a forest fire protection path

Forest fires can significantly disrupt or, in the worst case, destroy the complex forest ecosystem for many years. As a preventive measure for forest fire protection, forest fire protection paths are therefore being extended on the DBU natural heritage sites Zschornoer Wald, Prösa and Weißhaus by the Federal Forestry Enterprise Lausitz. These serve as emergency access routes to the area. The road construction measures are supported with funds of the European Union from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development(EAFRD). The grant was applied for through the state of Brandenburg.


Nature experience Cuxhaven coastal heaths

Signposting of paths and information with digital knowledge rally on the DBU natural heritage site Cuxhaven coastal heaths

On the DBU natural heritage site Cuxhavener Küstenheiden (Cuxhaven Coastal Heaths), a uniform trail and information signage system is being designed and implemented with the support of the city of Cuxhaven. The European Union is participating in the project “Creation of a nature experience in the DBU Natural Heritage Cuxhaven Coastal Heaths with signposting and information board system” – funded by the Program for the Promotion of Rural Development in Lower Saxony and Bremen 2014-2020 (PFEIL, funding measure LEADER) – with funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).