Sustainable products

The production and use of products is mostly associated with the release of greenhouse gases, emissions of pollutants or the impairment of ecosystems and biodiversity. Around 70 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions are generated during material processing and use. The development, design and acceptance of environmentally friendly products is therefore an essential tool for reducing resource consumption and negative environmental impacts. Of particular interest to the DBU are consumer goods such as furniture, electronic devices, household appliances, textiles, vehicles and toys.

In this context, the behavior of consumers plays a central role. In addition to technical innovations and the further development of business models, alternative concepts and solutions are therefore also required that focus on people as actors and take consumption behavior into account. In the initiative #DBUcirconomy – for the economy and society of the future and in the funding topic Development Design and acceptance of environmentally friendly consumer goods, the DBU therefore also takes into account socio-economic aspects and social practices in the sense of a Circular Society.