The DBU Monitor 2023 is published under the title: “Twin Transition at a glance” and takes a look at the development of sustainable digitization in SMEs over the last three years.

In the study, 500 decision-makers in small and medium-sized enterprises were asked how they think about digitization and sustainability together, where they see potential and what hurdles need to be overcome to ensure that the dual transformation succeeds.

Because one thing is clear from our monitor, but also from other studies:

An interweaving of the two topics of sustainability and digitization (or also Double transformation) creates, among other things, space for new business and activity areas for companies. This opportunity for more sustainable business can also increase the resilience of companies, which is an important point especially in times when there is a shortage of raw materials and global supply chains are reaching their limits.

A key message of the Monitor is that companies want networks to exchange and share inspiration. SMEs are considered to be the innovation engine of the economy, but especially in close cooperation with start-ups, science and society, unimagined potential can be unleashed there – from resource savings, to improved route planning, to new forms of work.

As the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU), we always want to set new accents, point the way and promote innovation. Looking back over the past three years, we can see that some of the ideas from our funding have become established in the market and are actively shaping the transformation – for example, in the areas of circular economy, mobility or even energy. In our start-up program in particular, we have been able to provide crucial support to numerous young companies.

But we don’t want to be satisfied with that: Because if the Monitor shows one thing, it’s that the transformation in companies is only just beginning. To ensure that this also takes place in the spirit of sustainability, practical examples, inspiration and the development of know-how are needed. Within the framework of DBU, we will work on the topics of the double transformation in the long term and continue to drive them forward.

The 2022 monitor marks the end of a three-year time series. The 2021 and 2020 monitors are linked below for reference. If you are interested in a deeper exchange about the data series or a talk on it, please contact us anytime.

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