Education & Communication

The climate crisis is the global challenge of the 21st century. In order for us to understand that our actions have an impact on our environment, we need to be taught accordingly. Education for sustainable development (ESD), especially for children and young people, is of paramount importance in achieving ambitious sustainability goals. It is necessary to initiate change and address pressing global issues. In addition to the ecological challenges, the focus is also on social aspects, such as justice of opportunity and intergenerational justice.

The German Federal Foundation for the Environment promotes the teaching of appropriate skills. After all, awareness and action in the context of education for sustainable development are also prerequisites for shaping a sustainable society. In doing so, the DBU takes into account issues relating to values and basic ethical attitudes. The goal is to establish education for sustainable development primarily in educational institutions, but also throughout society. This requires the development of new methods and tools of communication, learning, dialogue and participation. They are reflected in the DBU’s wide range of funding projects.