Nature awareness

Experience and protect nature

For the DBU subsidiary, it is particularly important to get people excited about local nature and to promote understanding and a sense of responsibility for nature. To this end, she would like to make original and positive experiences in nature possible again, especially for children and young people living in cities.

On a few, selected DBU natural heritage sites, residents and visitors are therefore to be informed about local nature in the long term through interactive environmental education programs. The aim is also to communicate nature conservation in a positive way and to promote the sustainable preservation and use of our natural resources. The central themes are “Wilderness – letting nature take its course” and “Protection through care”.

These offerings are planned in attractive areas that do not pose a threat from previous military use, with good transport links, for example near conurbations or within tourist regions.

In addition, the DBU subsidiary plans to open safe areas on all DBU natural heritage sites in a nature-compatible manner for locals and visitors in the future, in order to make it possible to experience the beauty and special features of nature. If possible, attractive observation points should be connected by stimulating nature experience paths or circular trails and enriched by suitable information systems such as panels and interactive offers.

These visitor concepts simultaneously protect sensitive natural areas or refuges for sensitive species from disturbance and protect locals and visitors from potential hazards. Ideally, this should be linked to existing structures or routes.