Mission statement

The mission statement of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

Our mission

We promote innovative, model projects to protect the environment. In doing so, we are guided by ecological, economic, social and cultural aspects in the sense of sustainable development. SMEs are a particularly important target group for us.

Our self-image

As a foundation under private law, we are independent and neutral in terms of party politics. Based on our ethical convictions, we are committed to preserving the natural foundations of life: for their own sake as well as in responsibility for present and future generations.

We want to achieve sustainable impact in practice. Through our work, we provide impetus and act as a multiplier. We discuss relevant environmental issues with the stakeholders involved and seek solutions together. We conserve and promote biodiversity on the natural heritage sites entrusted to us.

We are open to innovative ideas from our partners, but also set our own professional priorities.

With interdisciplinary expertise, we advise and support in all project phases. We make the results visible to the public. In dealing with our partners, reliability and the necessary confidentiality are a matter of course for us.

Our action

Our commitment is based on current professional knowledge. We combine conceptual work and operative action. We want to organize our daily work in line with our goals. We see ourselves as a joint learning organization.

Our togetherness

Mutual appreciation is important to us. We want to work together in a respectful and trusting manner and deal constructively with criticism and conflicts. Equal opportunities and the compatibility of family and career are special concerns of our organization and are continuously strengthened.