DBU-Symposium 2016

29.10.2016 in Würzburg

Implementing the Paris climate agreement: Is the direction right?

The thematic background for the symposium on the Paris Climate Agreement was and is the fact that climate change represents one of the four planetary boundaries that have already been exceeded. The event ” Implementing the Paris Climate Agreement: Is the Direction Right?” on the eve of the Environmental Award Ceremony in Würzburg with last year’s two Environmental Award winners Mojib Latif and Johan Rockström yielded the following important results from the DBU’s point of view:

Natural sciences leave no doubt

The recording of the event is available here on YouTube.

Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif

You can watch the video here on Youtube.

Dr. Karsten Sach

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Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström

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Prof. Dr. Torsten Henzelmann

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Prof. Dr. Ellen Matthies

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In the discussion, the topic of “Great Transformation,” which had been mentioned several times in the presentations, was taken up again and explored in greater depth. Consensus was reached on the formulation that a transformation plan would be much more needed than a climate change plan. Cities and municipalities played a central role in this transformation plan. Besides Mojib Latif and Johan Rockström participated in the final round:

Video discussion you can watch here on Youtube.

Science Slam

In addition, four DBU scholarship holders presented the contents of their dissertations in an entertaining way as part of a “Science Slam”:

The symposium was skillfully and prudently moderated by Volker Angres (ZDF).

Summary Dr. Bottermann

According to the DBU Secretary General, the Paris Agreement was viewed positively.

The coal phase-out is necessary immediately in view of the climate data known to all, Bottermann said.

More in the video here