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New bike path for natural heritage area Borkenberge opened

Through the DBU natural heritage area Borkenberge there is now a new, about five kilometers long bike path for nature lovers. Alexander Bonde, Secretary General of the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU), opened the barrier to reveal the route, which now offers glimpses of the heath landscape without disturbing the flora and fauna.
On: 10/24/2018 in: Westphalian News

Storm damage in Hartmannsdorf forest

After storm “Fabienne”, clean-up work begins on the DBU natural heritage site Hartmannsdorfer Forst. The depression caused numerous tree breaks and uprooting. Paths were blocked as a result.
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Building healthy living: about the health of the home

In recent years, more and more emphasis has been placed on energy-optimized buildings, also on the part of the state. The term “healthy housing” was first coined in 2005/2006, when the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), in cooperation with specialist institutes and clinics, launched the research project of the same name. The Saarbr├╝cker Zeitung sheds light on the topic.
On: 25.09.2018 in: Saarbr├╝cker Zeitung

Digging for the toads on DBU natural heritage site Herzogsberge

The amphibian waters of the DBU natural heritage site “Herzogsberge” have become heavily silted up and overgrown in recent years. Some of them are no longer suitable as spawning waters for the natterjack toad and the spadefoot toad. The local occurrence of toad species is to be stabilized through the creation of new or the rehabilitation of existing small water bodies.
On: 09/19/2018 in: FOCUS

DBU Natural Heritage Wesendorf: Federal Forestry Agency maintains nature on former military training area

Reiner Scharte from the Federal Forest presented the information boards that welcome pedestrians entering the site, which used to be part of the military training area and is now part of the inventory of the German Federal Foundation for the Environment.
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Thinning in the P├Âllwitz forest

In order to revitalize the protected heath areas on the DBU natural heritage site P├Âllwitzer Wald, about half of the birch, spruce and pine trees that have grown up are now being removed in the interests of nature conservation.
On: 05.09.2018 in: Ostth├╝ringer Zeitung

TV report SWR nat├╝rlich: Worries of the shepherds / grazing animal premium

Itinerant shepherd Erwin Schwarz tends the open countryside of the DBU natural heritage site Stegskopf with his flock and talks about the challenges of shepherding in Germany.
On: 08/07/2018 In: Minute 00:00:10 – 00:07:50; SWR Television

Where soldiers once practiced, nature now dominates

Wilderness is reclaiming its space: flora and fauna are developing magnificently in the national natural heritage site Frauenholz Oberhinkofen. The Bund Naturschutz Kreisgruppe Stadt und Landkreis Regensburg invited to the excursion.
On: 12.06.2018 in: Mittelbayerische