Environmental award proposals

The nomination process for the German Environmental Award

Many proposals reach the DBU every year. These get to see many pairs of eyes until the awards ceremony in the fall. This is based on a proven four-stage selection and evaluation process that ensures neutrality and professional quality in the selection of award winners.

Immediately after the German Environmental Award is presented in October of the respective previous year, the four-stage selection and evaluation process begins, which aims to achieve the greatest possible neutrality and quality through numerous (external) experts. Those entitled to submit proposals will be invited to submit proposals by the DBU office.

Stage 1

Those eligible to nominate can submit their nominations until the beginning of January. The institutions and individuals entitled to submit proposals are guided by the DBU’s review criteria and thus ensure initial qualification.

Stage 2

The office reviews and evaluates the proposals with the involvement of external experts. In closed-door meetings, an initial assessment and categorization of the proposals takes place. The assessment of the office will be presented to the jury for its decision-making process.

Stage 3

The jury of the German Environmental Award is made up of 16 representatives from business, science, society, media and youth. After an intensive discussion and deliberation process, the jury submits its recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Stage 4

The DBU’s 16-member Board of Trustees will make the final decision in the summer based on the jury’s recommendation.

Award ceremony

Usually on the last weekend in October, the festive award ceremony with numerous guests from the environmental scene takes place in alternating cities throughout Germany.

General procedural provisions

Only proposals submitted by an institution or person entitled to submit proposals to the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt can be admitted to the procedure.

The selection of proposals must take into account the guiding idea and the target criteria on which the German Environmental Award is based.

Those entitled to nominate for the German Environmental Award

Around 200 individuals and institutions from all major sectors of society can submit their proposals to the DBU office.

Employer and industry associations

Research institutions and scientific bodies


Industry and sector associations / innovation promotion



Municipal umbrella organizations


Nature and environmental protection associations/foundations