Green Meeting

Sustainability at the German Environmental Award Ceremony

The guidelines for the sustainable organization of events (in German language) published by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment serve as a basis. All partners and contractors are actively involved in the continuous improvement of environmentally compatible event implementation.

Energy efficiency and green electricity

Energy efficiency is taken into account in the tendering and organization of the award ceremony with regard to the venue, accommodation and suppliers. The aim is to find more sustainable solutions together in an ongoing optimization process.

  • Energy-saving lighting technology is used for stage and event lighting:
    • LED technology
    • Metal halide lamps
    • rechargeable batteries
  • Only green electricity will be purchased for the entire event.

Sustainable catering: Preferably regional, seasonal, fair and ecological

The food offered during the reception focuses on regional and seasonal sourcing, fair trade and organic farming.

In addition, emphasis is placed on the careful use of resources.

  • Drinks served exclusively from returnable bottles
  • Serving of beverages such as coffee, tea, fruit juices in organic quality
  • High proportion of food in organic quality
  • A wide vegetarian & vegan offer with delicious dishes
  • The products are sourced almost exclusively from regional producers who focus on organic products
  • Exclusive use of reusable tableware, glasses and cutlery
  • Separate collection and disposal of kitchen waste

Mobility: Environmentally friendly to the environmental award ceremony

The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Foundation for the Environment) focuses on environmentally friendly means of transport and promotes their use through targeted information and various offers, also among its guests.

  • The venue is easy to reach; travel time from the train station is only a few minutes.
  • Guests at the award ceremony will have the opportunity to purchase a rail ticket at discounted rates.
  • The DBU draws the attention of its guests to the accessibility by public transport.
  • DBU staff travel to the dates relevant to the preparation and implementation of the event by train and bus.
  • The hotel is usually within walking distance of the venue.

Resource protection: Designing the event in an environmentally friendly way

From communication to stage decoration, all collaborating partners take care to minimize the use of materials.