The topic of energy accompanies us every day in various facets. For example, in the form of wind power and photovoltaic systems that generate electrical energy in a renewable manner and are intended to replace the use of conventional fossil fuels coal, oil and gas in power plants. Or in the form of energy storage systems, which are designed to make energy availability more flexible over time. But also in industrial processes that are more or less energy-intensive, depending on the product. In our own home, we can decide for ourselves how much electrical energy we need. Furthermore, heating and cooling systems are key challenges. The goal – a climate-neutral energy supply and use – is a major project for society as a whole. For a successful energy transition, energy demand must be reduced on the one hand and energy generation decarbonized on the other. Ingredients for this are one’s own prudent behavior, energy efficiency improvements, and alternative energy generation approaches.

In this context, the DBU supports a wide variety of projects in the field of renewable energy, energy saving and energy efficiency. In the DBU doctoral program Environmental-Social Issues of the Energy Transition, current challenges of the energy transition are considered holistically: in terms of natural sciences and engineering, economics, ecology and social issues. The transformation of our energy system ultimately consists of many small (further) steps; it is precisely for this purpose that the DBU offers technical and financial support.