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Project “Sustainable economic stimuli to overcome the Corona crisis”, Öko-Institut

Öko-Institut is working on and evaluating sustainable design elements and content of a German economic stimulus package to revive the economy in the context of the Corona crisis, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The results are to be introduced in various formats into the public discussion on an economic stimulus package with the aim of contributing to a more sustainability-oriented design of such a package of measures. In doing so, the project wants to contribute with facts, analyses and evaluations of possible measures to provide political decision-makers and representatives of environmental interests and environmentally friendly SMEs with scientifically sound arguments in the public discourse and thus reduce the structural representation deficit of environmental concerns in political decision-making.

In this context, the project also aims to analyze challenges and operationalize appropriate recommendations as far as possible that present more complex issues in normal political operations than the promotion of selected technologies or industries. Examples include the challenges of accelerating planning and implementation processes for sustainable modernization and infrastructure, and promoting resilient and sustainable supply chains. The target group of the project’s results are first and foremost political decision-makers who are involved in the discussion and development of economic stimulus measures. Other target groups are interest groups and representatives of civil society and the business community (primarily SMEs), who are involved in the debate on economic stimulus packages. It also targets those parts of academia that research relevant stimulus programs and funding measures.

Current: Economic stimulus measures in the sustainability check

Building of the Öko-Institut

Project topic

Sustainable economic stimulus to deal with the economic consequences of the Corona crisis (especially for SMEs)

Project implementation

Öko-Institut. Institute for Applied Ecology e. V., Freiburg
Mr. Jan Peter Schemmel
Spokesman of the Management Board
Phone: 0761 452950


14.04.2020 – 30.06.2020

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DBU-AZ 35996

Status: 06.07.2020