Support initiative “Corona & Sustainability”

Survey of DBU project partners on Corona consequences

The DBU has taken the current developments as an opportunity to gather the opinions of its project partners on the subject of the “Corona crisis and sustainability”. During the period from April 30 to May 07, 2020, 686 project partners participated. The survey results are comparable to the results of the representative survey conducted in parallel by the opinion research institute forsa Politik- und Sozialforschung on the topic of “Sustainability in the Corona Crisis” (see DBU Environmental Monitor “Corona Consequences”). They highlight the high importance of the climate crisis, the energy transition and the digital transformation, also against the backdrop of the Corona crisis.

The most important results at a glance

You can access the full survey results here. You can access the graphics below here.

DBU partner survey: long-term effects
DBU partner survey: priorities for investment programs
DBU Partner Survey: Digital Work Opportunities