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Project “New Economic Education to Shape Complexity in Times of Crisis”, Cusanus University of Applied Sciences

As a result of the Corona pandemic, all German universities were closed in March 2020 and teaching was suspended. Even though many universities are considering or implementing a changeover to distance learning, this will essentially involve the digital preparation of existing teaching content. As a result, there is a danger – especially in economics – that primarily abstract knowledge is taught that does not, or only insufficiently, establish a connection to the current crisis and its economic opportunities and threats. Against this backdrop, Cusanus University plans to develop and research novel educational modules that will enable university seminars to be designed with new content as well as digital and, at the same time, interactive formats that relate directly to the current crisis. The aim is to motivate young people to see the current crisis as an opportunity for a reorientation of the economy and society, particularly with regard to the goal of sustainability, and to recognize corresponding opportunities for shaping the future. In addition to using text and image examples from their own research, this will include tools such as digital office hours, study halls, and mentoring, as well as digitally delivered video and audio formats. In shared digital seminar rooms, research papers will be presented by students and discussed and processed in smaller groups. The pilot project will initially reach approximately 70 students at Cusanus University. Based on the project results, the digital teaching and learning program will be continued and expanded even after the colleges and universities reopen.

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Narratives for a Sustainable Economy – New Economic Education for Shaping Complexity in Times of Crisis

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Cusanus University of Applied Sciences for Social Design, Bernkastel-Kues
Prof. Silja Graupe
Professorship of Economics and Philosophy
Phone: 06531 9724257


06.04.2020 – 07.04.2021

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