Support initiative “Corona & Sustainability”

Project “Market-State-Civil Society-Balance for a Resilient Society”, IÖW

The Corona pandemic is currently widely interpreted as a turning point in time. It has a profound impact on health. In many countries, for example, the pandemic has overstretched the health care system and at the same time highlighted fractures in socioeconomic structures by also showing the fragility of an extremely differentiated economic system trimmed for efficiency.

The project had two main objectives. On the one hand, the currently ongoing discussion on resilience, the new balancing of value chains and the new balancing of market/state and civil society should be systematically taken up and analyzed, and the inhibiting and promoting factors should be recorded with a view to small and medium-sized enterprises and alternative economic approaches. On the other hand, the aim should be to analyze the current dynamics and activities in the context of the Corona crisis with a view to the issue of resilience/sustainability and to systematically record the concrete approaches pursued to solve the current challenges and identify their potential for sustainability transformations.

The most important results of the project were summarized in a brochure. You can find them here as a free download.


Project topic

In search of a new balance between market/state and civil society for a resilient society

Project implementation

Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), Berlin
Mr. Ulrich Petschow
Research assistant
Phone: 030 8845940


18.05.2020 – 31.10.2021

File number

DBU-AZ 36051

Status: 20.05.2020