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Green Recoverthon – Participatory Consensus Mobilization Project, DENEFF.

In the shadow of the Corona crisis, climate protection and energy efficiency play a subordinate role in the political discussion and in application practice. Our society is still not on track to meet medium- to long-term climate goals. Although, contrary to previous projections, the 2020 climate targets will be met largely due to the consequences of the crisis (less traffic, economic activity, etc.) – there is a risk that consumption and emissions will snap back to their old levels after the economic recovery. To prevent this, energy efficiency has a key role to play, especially since all economic scenarios for the energy transition assume a halving of energy consumption by 2050. Due to the restrictions, virtually no new energy efficiency projects are currently taking place, partly because access to plants and buildings is no longer possible and investments are frozen.

It must be possible to prevent regression in the area of energy efficiency and to see the Corona crisis as an opportunity and to use it in such a way that the new start, which is necessary anyway, is actively shaped as a transformation. So that a more sustainable, climate-friendly and energy-efficient life and economy becomes the new normal. In short, “the economy goes back up, emissions stay down.”

The core of the project is the collaborative deepening and concrete participatory design of prioritized packages of measures based on the facts and measures. This is to take the form of one or more virtual hackathons (“Recoverthon”) with selected stakeholders from the broad alliance and DBU project partners from the fields of business, science and environmental communication, as well as with stakeholders from the political environment (authorities, ministries, parliaments) who are crucial for implementation.

The “Recoverthon HackBook”: More than 100 experts from business, municipalities and civil society discussed how climate protection and the economy can be advanced together at the first Recoverthon DesignSprint on August 26, 2020. The result of this new all-digital format is a host of ideas and hacks that have been compiled in the HackBook “Hacking Policies: For more climate protection and sustainable economic recovery”. The hackbook is available here and as a free download on the right.

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Green Recoverthon: Economy goes up again, CO2 emissions stay down – Participatory consensus mobilization.

Project implementation

Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz e. V. (DENEFF), Berlin
Mr. Martin Bornholdt, Mr. Christian Noll
Executive Board members
Phone: 030 36409701


05.05.2020 – 05.05.2021

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DBU-AZ 36043

Status: 16.12.2020