Funding topic 7: Resource efficiency through innovative production processes, materials and surface technologies

Reducing the consumption of raw materials and materials and minimizing harmful emissions are key challenges to achieving the goal of a sustainable economy. Innovative production processes, materials and surface technologies are becoming increasingly important for increasing the efficiency of products. Innovative solutions for reducing resource consumption over the entire life cycle are being promoted.

For example, production-integrated measures, the use of new materials and surface functionalities, and further development of the circular economy, for example by taking more efficient traceability into account in product development or new separation processes for composites, can be project goals. Resource efficiency should also be increasingly included as content in educational projects to promote sustainability knowledge and skills as well as qualified young professionals.

It is about innovative resource consumption reduction through pre-competitive development projects in small and medium-sized enterprises and practical projects in education or research with the most holistic view possible and model solutions.

Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to:


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