Studien über die Implementierung, Integration, die Auswirkungen der vertikalen grünen Wände über die Umwelt und Forschung über Bewässerungssysteme spezifisch für vertikale Gärten

Stipendiatin/Stipendiat: Cristian-Rares Nistor

In the effort of sustaineble development, more and more emphasis is placed on reducing the pollution, energy consumption, carbon emissions both for private buildings and industrial buildings. One way to reduce these stress factors is the implementation of vertical gardens (with climbing plants or with separate structures, the so-called vertical walls).The great advantage of these walls is that they act as an insulatior for buildings: reducing the temperature inside the buildings during the warm season and also prevents heat loss during cold weather.To highlight the need for there systems the research will be conducted in Cluj- Napoca, Romania. The objectives taken into account for developing criteria for the implementation of vertical walls in the specific area of Cluj- Napoca, are:- Identification of areas seriously polluted;- Annual rainfall amount;- Climatic conditions;- Irrigation systems specific for vertical walls;- Calculation of water consumption and water loss;- Studies on plants with high capacity for retaining polution;- Research over various building materials and their ability to suport vertical walls;- Calculation of the retention and water loss by the materials used;- Nutrient requirements;- Rainwater collection and its use for vertical gardens;- Recycling used water;- Issues related to biological and social impacts of the vertical walls.

01.09.2011 - 31.08.2012

Hochschule Neubrandenburg
Fachbereich Landschaftswissenschaften
und Geomatik - LG

Prof. Dr. Manfred Köhler

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