Funding subject 5: Energy- and resource-saving district development and renewal

As a rule, measures for reducing resource consumption, for the sustainable use of natural resources, for climate protection and for climate adaptation are more efficient when they are localized and networked within a specific district and when the existing physical, technical, physiographical, social, economic and architectural conditions and requirements are considered. In addition to spatiallym coherent development, focussing on an entire district allows for the exploitation of synergies and the development of effective, well-integrated comprehensive solutions that help us to avoid counter-productive insular solutions.

In addition to modernising the infrastructure that is connected to the power grid in a resource-efficient manner and integrating districts into coherent overall concepts that also include urban green spaces (green infrastructure), we also need to develop and try out approaches to introduce renewable energy to districts and making them morem energy efficient by means of highly efficient combined heat and power systems, local heat networks, and systems for generating, storing and utilising renewable energies that are integrated into the buildings themselves. Citizens and local populations must also be involved in this process.

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In particular, the following measures are eligible:

  • Exemplary development, introduction and documentation of the implementation of innovative concepts for energy- and resource-efficient district development and renewal, taking into account social impacts

  • Concepts for upgrading the consumption and supply infrastructure in a way that conserves resources while using mutual synergies from different infrastructural segments

  • Documentation and evaluation of relevant implemented concepts and measures

  • Concepts and strategies for further development of administrative, institutional and social requirements for the development of innovative concepts for district renewal that is both energy-efficient and also conserves resources

  • Further development of planning methods, process quality and tools, including digitisation, for energy-efficient district development that also conserves resources

  • New ways to include the citizens and local population in the energy- and resource-efficient development of their district

  • Innovative methods and concepts for education, communication and qualification


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