Funding subject 4: Climate- and resource-saving construction

If we are going to reach the goal of implementing energyand resource-efficient construction methods for a climateneutral and safe and healthy existing building stock by 2050, we will need a variety of interlinked strategies in the building and construction sector. Alongside exemplary development of the potential of energy-optimised existing building stock and environmentally friendly urban consolidation, future-proof concepts and technological approaches must be developed and tested as the primary innovation driver in new construction projects. Because wood is a renewable resource and, when used correctly, can also improve resource efficiency, it makes sense for us to build even larger timber structures.


We are particularly interested in funding projects aimed at comprehensive optimisation during the integral planning phase along with the dissemination of results to specific target groups. Sustainable construction is made up of a wide range of different aspects, and we are interesting in funding projects that comprehensively combine, implement, evaluate and document these aspects and communicate them through innovative educational measures in an exemplary manner while also ensuring top design quality.

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In particular, the following measures are eligible:

  • Exemplary concept development, development of innovative components of implementation, and the evaluation and documentation of energy- and resource-optimised, healthy existing building refurbishment projects and new construction projects, taking into account the entire life cycle

  • Exemplary development and implementation of, for example, concepts for improving indoor air quality, for passive heating and cooling, for Plusenergie and carbon-neutral buildings and districts, for minimising grey energy and emissions, for sufficiency, and for the evaluation and documentation of these concepts

  • Further development and exemplary implementation and documentation of timber construction for larger buildings

  • Optimisation of timber construction concepts, systems and projects and projects to increase the acceptance of timber buildings

  • Optimisation of closed-loop recycling and recycling possibilities in building construction and construction materials/ products as well as lightweight construction development to improve resource efficiency

  • Further development of planning methods, process quality and tools, including by means of digitisation, as an optimisation strategy for the sustainable and safe and healthy planning, construction and operation of buildings and dissemination of results to target groups

  • Innovative methods and concepts for education, communication, participation and qualification, in particular by public and private developers, planning firms, licensing authorities, architects and building professionals, as well as the persons using the buildings

  • Measures for communicating the connections between construction and the environment to children, young people and trainees

  • Development and testing of new forms of participation in the planning and implementation of sustainable public construction projects (e.g. schools, sports facilities, recreational areas, etc.)


Take a look at the flyer „DBU-Funding information – Funding subject 4: Construction“ for further information and exemplary DBU-funded projects.