Funding subject 3: Development, design and acceptance of environmentally-friendly consumer goods

The development, design and acceptance of environmentally-friendly products is an important tool to reduce resource consumption and negative impacts on the environment. Long-lasting consumer goods like furniture, electronics, household appliances, textiles, cars and games, are of particular importance. These goods are characterised by their long service lives. Negative impacts on the environment occur during manufacturing as well as in the utilisation and end-of-life phases.

The goal of our funding projects is to design consumer goods to be more environmentally friendly, increase acceptance of these goods, and support the shift in values in our society toward these types of products.

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In particular, the following measures are eligible:

  • Creation and testing of new methodical product development concepts

  • Development of consumer goods and their components that require fewer resources, taking into account the entire life cycle of a product (e.g. resource minimisation during the utilisation phase, material minimisation, durability, ease of maintenance and repairs, ability to recycle the product and/or its components)

  • Incentives for and experimenting with new business models that increase the advantages of consumer goods and/or reduce their negative impacts on the environment, in particular by increasing recyclability and utilisation intensity

  • Innovative measures for digitising production processes (e.g. in the areas of the Internet of Things or decentralised production) that result in sustainable design of material and energy flows

  • Innovative concepts for recycling and reuse of materials

  • Increasing awareness, establishing measures to increase acceptance and improve education in terms of both the economy and society (in particular educating children and young people) about technical implementation and utilisation of sustainably designed consumer goods

  • Development of decision-making aids for the purchase and use of environmentally-friendly consumer goods


Take a look at the flyer for further information and exemplary DBU-funded projects.

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