Funding subject 1: Tools and competencies for sustainability analysis, increasing sustainability awareness and promoting action

The sustainability assessment of processes, products and services is a major challenge. This consists of developing and applying decision support for the evaluation of sustainability on the basis of indicators. The imparting of corresponding competencies and consciousness of systemic interrelationships, as well as the promotion of awareness and action within the framework of education for sustainable development, are the prerequisites for the design of a sustainable society. Questions concerning guiding values and basic ethical attitudes should also be taken into account. This requires the development of new methods and instruments of communication, learning, dialogue and participation, particularly targeting children and young people.

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In particular, the following measures are eligible:

  • Measures to identify and develop practical, real-world sustainability indicators

  • Development, optimisation and research of practical, real-world sustainability analysis methods and concepts

  • Measures to develop and reinforce sustainability competencies, in particular for multipliers

  • New methods and approaches to communicating systematic sustainability connections and targets, in particular in schools, universities and extracurricular educational institutions

  • New methodical approaches to developing and increasing awareness of sustainability, in particular amongst children and young people

  • Development and optimisation of transformative methods for increasing participation in activities that promote sustainability (e.g. citizen science, real-world laboratories)

  • Development and testing of digital methods and technologies in sustainability education


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