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Information on Grant Support Activities of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt)

Auszeichnung Brickwedde sächsischer Verdienstorden © DBU/Pawel Sosnowski
Dr.-Ing. E. H. Fritz Brickwedde, former DBU secretary general, gets the national award “sächsischer Verdienstorden“.

3.) Award for former DBU-secretary general Brickwedde

Dr.-Ing. E. H. Fritz Brickwedde, former DBU secretary general, was awarded with the national award “sächsischer Verdienstorden“ in early June. Minister Michael Kretschmer paid tribute to Brickwedde´s special connection to Saxony and his dedication in environment protection in East Germany. “Brickwedde wanted to help there by eliminating of damage from German Democratic Republic (GDR) times and establishing a high level of environmental protection”, said Kretschmer.

The incumbent DBU-secretary general Alexander Bonde congratulated Brickwedde on his price. “He shaped the DBU and helped to create a responsible company out of an idea. Nowadays, the DBU occupies a leading position in the funding of environmental technology, research and education in Germany." Bonde also said that the development in East Germany was always a personal matter of the heart for Brickwedde.

DBU press release (in German): here