DBU Natural Heritage

Germany has a special responsibility for its diverse landscapes with their animal and plant species, its national natural heritage. In order to preserve this heritage, the Federal Government is handing over up to 156,000 hectares of nationally significant land to the Länder, DBU Naturerbe GmbH and nature conservation associations - a unique opportunity for local nature conservation!

The non-profit natural heritage subsidiary of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) will secure 71 large-scale properties - around 70,000 hectares in ten federal states - for nature conservation in the long term. These natural heritage sites, which are predominantly former military training areas, will be gradually handed over to us over the next few years. Since April 2009, we have already been responsible for the nature conservation measures on site and carry them out in cooperation with the Bundesforst's local employees.

Our main objectives are to promote and preserve the native wealth of animal and plant species in different habitats. The open land created by military exercises is maintained through regular maintenance as a retreat for rare species. Near-natural mixed deciduous forests can develop into new wilderness without human influence. Low-species coniferous forests are first gradually transferred to near-natural forests. Wetlands are ecologically upgraded and preserved by restoring the natural water balance.

It is also particularly important for us to promote a sustainable awareness of nature among the population. We woul like to get people excited about nature at home and to create a sense of responsibility for nature. On selected, attractive areas, which do not pose a threat due to previous military use, residents and visitors are informed about local nature by a variety of measures and nature conservation is communicated in a positive way.

Get more information about the DBU natural heritage subsidiary at www.dbu.de/naturerbe.