CEE Fellowship Programme with Latvia

Since 2001 the DBU grants fellowships for advanced qualification in the environmental sector in Germany to young Master graduates from Latvia.

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The DBU has supported young scientists from Latvia since 2001. In Latvia, the DBU works together with the former fellowship recipient, Zane Upmane.

She is the coordinator in Latvia and organises the annual selection interviews that usually take place at the Technical University Riga.

The Latvian DBU Alumni Association was founded in December 2009. The contact person for the Alumni Association is Zane Upmane.

Successful DBU Fellows:


Important dates:

Closing Date: 2020-09-05
Selection Session: October 2020
Beginning of the Fellowship: February 2021
Beginning of the German intensive course: 2021-02-12
Beginning of the stay at the host institution in Germany: 2021-03-03


Zane Upmane

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