CEE Fellowship Programme with Poland

Since 1996 the DBU grants fellowships for advanced qualification in the environmental sector in Germany to young Master graduates from Poland.

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For 10 years, the Nowicki Foundation in Warsaw served as partner for the organisation of the fellow programme for Polish academics and scientists.

The director of the Nowicki Foundation and recipient of the German Environmental Prize in1996, Professor Maciej Nowicki, supported the funding of fellowships for university graduates in the fields of environmental protection and conservation through his own foundation.

From 2007 to 2013, the DBU special representative, Wieslawa Dyki, took over the roll of coordinator in Poland.
Since 2014, the former fellowship recipient and current president of the association of Polish former scholarship recipients - Stowarzyszenie Srodowisko of dla Srodowiska (SdS) - Dr. Karol Mrozik is the new coordinator in Poland.

The goal of the programme is to strengthen and expand the thematic diversity of fellowship recipients working in the realm of environmental protection and conservation.

Relevant German-Polish and European environmental and conservation topics are the main focus of the research stays. The SdS supports the DBU in Poland by publicising the programme and by selecting suitable fellowship recipients. The organisation helps stabilise the network of current and former fellowship recipients and to strengthen the contacts between Germans and Poles. Together with the DBU, the SdS contributes to creating a socially fertile climate between Germany and Poland.

Successful DBU Fellows:


Important dates:

Closing Date: 2019-09-16
Selection Session: October 2019
Start of Fellowship and German intensive course: 2020-02-05
Start of research stay: 2020-02-26


Karol Mrozik
60-694 Poznan
phone: +48 690 680 061

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