CEE Fellowship Programme with the Kaliningrad Oblast

Since 2001, the DBU has been awarding fellowships for further qualification in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation in Germany to young Master's degree and PhD students from the Kaliningrad Oblast.

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Important dates

Application deadline: 05.09.2021
Selection interviews: October 2021
Fellowship start date: 22.02.2022
Start of the German Intensive Course: 24.02.2022
Start of the further training: 10.03.2022

In recent years many graduates of Kaliningrad universities have applied for fellowships. A total of 93 fellowships have been awarded so far. Many fellowship holders come from engineering disciplines, natural sciences such as biology and chemistry as well as food technology, education, etc.

We would like to explicitly point out that applications from the fields of law, social sciences and economics are also very welcome.

Contact persons of the DBU are the former DBU fellowship holders Vladimir Volkov at the Kaliningrad State Technical University and Dr. Andrey Levchenkov at the Baltic Federal Immanuel Kant University.

Contact details

Vladimir Volkov
Kaliningrad State Technical University, 1 Sovietsky Prospect, Kaliningrad 236041, Russia
Phone: + 7 4012 99 59 82
Email: vladimir.volkov@klgtu.ru

Dr. Andrey Levchenkov
Baltic Federal Immanuel Kant University, Zoologicheskaya p. 2, Raum 206, Kaliningrad 236000, Russia
Phone: +7 963 290 4477
Email: levchenkov5@gmail.com

Of course, questions can also be sent directly to us, the DBU (n.freyer@dbu.de).

Essential information about the fellowship can be found here.


Please note that the online application procedure is available in both German and English.


In autumn 2015, the fellowship holders who have been supported so far founded the Kaliningrad Alumni Association to ensure continuous contact among current and former fellowship holders and to build up a network of environmental experts.

The Alumni Association actively participates in the promotion of the fellowship programme in the Kaliningrad Oblast, helps or supports candidates with their application, provides important information and tips on the stay abroad and is represented at the introductory seminar. With the support of the DBU, the Alumni Association organises an annual alumni meeting in the Kaliningrad region and regularly holds further meetings and workshops. Contact persons are Vladimir Volkov and Dr. Andrey Levchenkov.

Here you can find some sample fellowships:

Artem Pungin

Anna Meshcheriakova

Irina Iashchuk

Ilona Petrenko

Further exemplary fellowships can also be found in our fellowship database.

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