CEE Fellowship Programme with Hungary

Since 2005 the DBU grants fellowships for advanced qualification in the environmental sector in Germany to young Master graduates from Hungary.

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CEE Fellowship Programme with Hungary

The CEE fellowship programme with Hungary started in 2005.
Since then, the DBU has been awarding 8-10 scholarships to Hungarian university graduates and Ph.D. students each year for a 6 to 12-month research stay in Germany. The university graduates and Ph.D. students have different background in the field of environment. After their stay in Germany, they return with improved professional and language skills, practical experience and many international contacts.

The DBU Alumni support the new fellowship recipients during the application phase and the fellowship period as well as after their return to Hungary.

The Hungarian Alumni Network of the DBU

In 2008, the Hungarian Alumni Network was established to ensure continuous contact among current and former fellowship recipients and to build a network of environmental experts. The Hungarian Alumni Network is in cooperation with the other Alumni Networks of the DBU.

The Alumni Network actively contributes to the publication of the fellowship program in Hungary and supports the candidates in the application process. It provides useful information for the new fellowship recipients about the stay abroad, is represented at the introductory seminar in Germany and integrates them into the Alumni Network.

The Hungarian Alumni Network organizes national and international workshops, seminars, scientific symposia and excursions. These are supported by the DBU and promote the exchange of information and experiences in environmental research and between former fellowship recipients of the CEE countries.

Successful DBU fellows:


Important dates:

Closing Date: 2020-03-10
Selection Session: 2020 April
Start of Fellowship: 2020-08-16
Start of German intensive course: 2020-08-18
Start of research stay: 2020-09-14


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