The DBU offers scholarships for research fellowships in Germany to young university graduates from Bulgaria.

Bulgarische Stipendiaten

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This programme was authorised in the context of the EU Expansion (Central and Eastern Europe) in December 2004.

The Bulgarian Alumni Network was founded in 2009 in order to ensure that contact between current and former scholarship recipients can be maintained and to build a network of environmental experts. Additionally, work with other alumni organisations of the DBU is to be promoted.

The alumni actively participate in publicising the scholarship programme in Bulgaria. They help the candidates with their applications, provide important information and tips about the stay abroad and are present at the introductory seminars. The DBU awards the scholarships at a festive ceremony in Sofia, where the new scholarship recipients can meet the members of the alumni network and become acquainted with the work they do. The Bulgarian network organises an annual gathering as well as national and international workshops with the support of the DBU.

The Contact person for the programme in Bulgaria is the former DBU scholarship recipient, Vanya Ratarova-Georgieva.



Closing Date: 2018-12-12
Selection Session: February 2019
Beginning of the Scholarship and German intensive course: 2019-08-18
Beginning of the stay at the host institution in Germany : 2019-09-16

Successful DBU Scholars:


Vanya Ratarova-Georgieva

Phone: ++ 359 287 075 79
Mobile: ++ 359 887 672 891