Principles of the foundation's work

On 24 October 1989 the Federal Parliament took up the suggestion of the then Finance Minister Dr. Theo Waigel the principle decision to use the proceeds from privatising the former steel group Salzgitter AG for an environmental foundation.

Minister Dr. Theo Waigel
He paved the way - the former Finance Minister Dr. Theo Waigel

The amount of € 1,288.007,300 should serve as foundation capital, the annual profit being spend for promotional objectives.

The law about setting up an environmental foundation "Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt" was announced on 18 July 1990. Established as a foundation according to Civil Law, name, tasks and objectives of the foundation are defined there.

The statutes for the DBU was agreed on 9 August 1990 determining Osnabrueck as location for the office. In addition, the statutes regulates the foundation's structure, its tasks, the promotional procedures and the investment administration.

Organs of the foundation are the Board of Advisors and the Secretary General.

With the constitution meeting of the Board on 17 December 1990 the DBU started its work. Its legal order is to promote environmental projects with priority going to small and medium-sized enterprises.