The Mission Statement of the German Federal Environmental Foundation

Our Task

We support innovative, exemplary projects for the protection of the environment. In doing so we are guided by ecological, economic, social and cultural considerations based on the concept of sustainable development. The small and medium-sized business sphere is an especially important target area for us.

How We Understand Our Mission

As a private foundation acting under public mandate, we are independent and are not bound to any political party. Based on our ethical convictions we support the preservation of natural resources, for its own sake and because it is right to do so, but also out of a sense of responsibility for the current and future generations.

We want to achieve sustained impact at the practical level. Through our work we provide incentives and act as multipliers. We discuss relevant environmental subjects with the participating actors and seek common solutions. We preserve, encourage and nurture biological diversity on the natural heritage sites which are entrusted to us.

We are open to our partners’ innovative ideas, but also act in the interest of our own professional fields of emphasis. We offer interdisciplinary know-how in a process of consultation and support throughout all phases of a project. We make the results of these projects visible to the public. In our relations with our partners, reliability and the necessary confidentiality are principles to be followed as a matter of course.

Our Activities

Our commitment and our work are based on state-of-the-art specialized knowledge and know-how. We combine conceptual work with operative action, with the intention of bringing our daily work into harmony with our objectives. We see ourselves as an organization which learns collectively.

Our Cooperative Relations

Mutual respect for values is important to us. We seek respectful and trusting cooperation and a constructive approach to criticism and conflict. Equal opportunity, and the compatibility of work and family, are particular priorities of our organization which are actively and consistently strengthened.