Linking education and local climate protection

Making young people fit for active climate protection

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Young people are rolling plans for active climate protection.

Climate protection concepts in cities and municipalities are often the result of close cooperation between municipalities and external experts. To date, young people are rarely involved as future key municipal players.

In a DBU project, the Energy and Environment Centre at the Deister in Springe (Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister e. V.) is working in focus groups and real laboratories to develop how municipal topics can be integrated into school education and how municipalities, teachers and young people can be more closely involved, for example, in climate protection topics.

The aim is to increase the acceptance of climate protection through the link to one's own place of residence and to actively involve young people in shaping their living environment. Concrete topics are, for example, (bicycle) mobility concepts or participation in neighbourhood developments.

Project implementation:

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