BauDENKMAL: an integrative space

Teaching methods for renovating listed buildings while conserving resources and better integration into society.

35000/03 Baudenkmal © Deutsches Fachwerkzentrum Quedlinburg
During the seminars, the participants learn important restoration techniques.

As part of the DBU’s special project on the environment and refugee aid, the Deutsche Fachwerkzentrum Quedlinburg e. V. – a centre dedicated to the environmentally friendly preservation of traditional German half-timbered buildings – has established BauDENKMAL, an integrative space.

The goal of this project was to hold practical seminars for refugees in order to teach methods for renovating listed buildings while conserving resources, as well as to demonstrate ways for participants to integrate themselves into German society. The program therefore focuses not only on the manual skills required to carry out this kind of conservation work, but also on intercultural exchange, learning from and with one another, and encouraging interest in other cultures.

The seminars are held at the Fachwerkzentrum Quedlinburg’s current construction sites: the »Bunte Hof« in Osterwieck and Erxleben Castle. For the practical parts of the seminars, participants work together in small teams made up of one apprenticeship candidate or apprentice of the Fachwerkzentrum Quedlinburg together with one or two refugees.

The project has already received a great deal of recognition as a model of integration work in connection with the conservation of cultural landmarks. BauDENKMAL has already been named »A Place of Excellence in the Land of Ideas« and has also received the Saxony-Anhalt Integration Award and the WTA Award from WTA e. V.

Project implementation:

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