Drying and sanitizing biomass sludge

Caustic lime enables the separation of ammonium and the production of ammonium sulphate as fertilizer.

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Drying and sanitizing biomass sludge in order to produce fertilizer.

Especially in regions with high numbers of livestock, it is crucial to reduce nutrient loads coming into the environment. For example, technical solutions are being sought for binding excess nutrients in the form of fertilizers so that they can be transferred to regions with corresponding nutrient requirements.

In a cooperation project with THiEL GmbH – Fördertechnik, of Löningen, a robust procedure for the processing of nutrient-rich biomass was developed at the Münster University of Applied Sciences, which produces a marketable and hygienically flawless fertilizer. The project focused on experiments with fermentation residues from biogas plants and dry poultry manure.

Project implementation:
Fachhochschule Münster, Institutsverbund  
Ressourcen, Energie und Infrastruktur
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Wetter
Stegerwaldstraße 39
48565 Steinfurt
02551 | 962725
E-Mail: wetter@fh-muenster.de

Cooperation partner:
THiEL GmbH Fördertechnik
Farwicker Straße 23
49624 Löningen-Bunnen
05434 | 8080-0

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