Energy-saving membrane filter improves wastewater treatment

Less energy consumption and longer life span than conventional filters.

Membion Filtermodu © DBU-Projektpartner
The new filter developed by Membion GmbH.

The use of membrane bioreactors in wastewater treatment plants has a number of advantages: This eliminates the need for secondary clarification treatment, and the size of the aeration tanks can be reduced. However, this savings potential in comparison with conventional wastewater treatment plants is offset by higher operating costs, which result primarily from the energy consumption of the membrane filters. The aim of the project undertaken by Membion GmbH, of Roetgen/Eifel, was therefore to develop the functional model of a filter that performs better than conventional products in terms of both energy consumption and life span.

In a first step, the plastic parts of the filter were adapted so that the module could be mounted satisfactorily in a frame for practical testing. Subsequently, the functional model of the new membrane filter was first tested without, and then tested with, membranes in clear water; then it was adapted and used under the real conditions in a membrane sewage treatment plant at the Eifel-Rur Water Board plant in Konzen.

Project implementation:
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