Sanitation in a Box - Phosphate recovery in developing countries

Sewage treatment without faecal sludge production plus vegetable charcoal as P-fertilizer

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Sanitation in a Box - Phosphate recovery in developing countries

In Burkina Faso, up to 30% of all cases of illness are caused by contaminated drinking water. People urgently need a sanitary infrastructure so that waste water does not further pollute the groundwater. Together with partners in Burkina Faso, Ökoservice GmbH (Denkendorf, Baden-Württemberg) has now developed a phosphate recovery process that also helps to protect groundwater and improve soil quality. The »BioTopp« small sewage treatment plants from Ökoservice, which do not require preliminary treatment, do not produce faecal sludge. A fully biological SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) process, with increased biological phosphorus elimination and denitrification, is used. Up to 90% of the phosphorus can be stored in the form of aerobically stabilized activated sludge biomass.

Vegetable charcoal becomes P-fertilizer

The already very good phosphorus elimination is to be further improved by the addition of vegetable carbon. Vegetable carbon enriched with nutrients and biomass has - similar to Terra Preta - a high potential for soil improvement. In Burkina Faso, the project partners have built a pilot plant on the grounds of the University of Ouagadougou. The facility is scalable up to 10,000 dwelling units and is suitable for private households, hotels, schools, camps, and small towns. The goal of the project is for local craftsmen to use the process and thus contribute to local value creation. The technical requirements are low: a power source (such as photovoltaics), a programmed control unit, and an air pump are required. All other parts can be procured on the local markets.

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