German Environmental Award for energy-saving electric motor

Bernhard und Johannes Oswald, directors of the OSWALD Elektromotoren GmbH, received the German Environmental Award 2017.

ÄNDERN? - Johannes und Bernhard Oswald, Umweltpreis 2017, DBU © Jens Kortus Fotografie Miltenberg
The modern torque motors of Oswald GmbH reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent, are quieter and lighter, require less space, do not need gear oil, and also have lower operating costs.

Without a significant reduction in energy consumption, the energy transition will not succeed. New energy-saving solutions are also needed in the field of high-performance electric industrial motors. Oswald GmbH has found the solution with the development of especially efficient electric industrial motors. Bernhard and Johannes Oswald were awarded the DBU German Environmental Prize in 2017 for this development.

The idea of using torque motors in direct drive technology revolutionizes electric motor construction, particularly for main drive motors. These »tailor-made« and highly efficient drives are not only powerful and flexible in implementation, but are also especially environmentally- and climate-friendly. They reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared to other mechanical or hydraulic drive solutions. The machines are quieter and lighter, take up less space, and also produce lower operating costs. In addition, the use of gear oil is no longer necessary.

Besides the use of these motors in industry, OSWALD motors are also increasingly used in ship propulsion. This makes it possible for ships to travel exclusively electrically, without exhaust fumes, and almost silently. With this engine technology, energy savings of up to 90 % can be achieved in ship propulsion compared to conventional diesel technology.

In addition, Oswald is also involved in the research field of superconductivity. To this end, the company cooperates with numerous universities and research institutes in Germany and abroad. Through the use of superconductors in motors, further quantum leaps in energy savings are possible. The goal is to be able to use superconducting torque motors in industry as soon as possible.

German Environmental Award for energy-saving electric motor

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