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Absorption refrigeration with membranes – ecological and efficient

Conventional refrigeration machines and heat pumps, as used in the technology fields of refrigeration, climate and heating, work after the compression principle.
Absorption refrigeration with membranes – ecological and efficient
Innovative membrane modules replace conventional tube bundle absorbers
These machines are driven by mechanical energy. In comparison, the absorption cryogenics technology, which replaces the mechanical compression with an absorber-desorber-cycle, works virtually without primary energy. Heat is required merely in order to heat the desorber. Because of their size and sensitivity to disruptions, absorption machines could hardly penetrate the market until now.

Aim of the Berlin company mattes engineering GmbH is to use membrane modules in the absorption cryogenics henceforth in order to open up new application fields with that energetically and ecologically favourable cryogenics. Scientists of the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics and Thermal Procedure Technology (ITT) in Stuttgart succeeded in replacing conventional tube bundle absorbers through polymeric membrane modules. They developed an absorber model from micro-porous polymeric hollow fiber membranes. The specific extensive surface of the modules leads to clearly smaller absorbers. Disruptions hardly influence the capability of the procedure. The technology is attractive where waste heat is available to heat desorbers like in utility vehicles, yachts or campers. Task of another attempt phase is to open up further concrete application fields for the membrane absorption technology.

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